Mental Health Awareness

mental health consciousA person’s mental health is something that they cannot afford to be ignorant of. The life of our mental health is just as important as the life of our physical health. There are medical instruments and lab tests available to calculate the level of our physical health, but there is only the strength of our communication and the readability of our behaviors available to determine the level of our mental health, which make it a much trickier thing to accurately assess. Mental health is largely undermined in importance when compared to physical health which makes no sense considering how heavily we depend on our mental health.

Some people treat mental health awareness with the respect it deserves. They are conscious of their own mental health and of the mental health of those around them who affect them. They put thought into the health of their relationships, spirituality, purpose and physical health, and are aware of what their lifestyle should look like in order to achieve personal balance. They are familiar with mental health terminology and can speak of their inner lives in terms of self-care, coping abilities, personal strengths and weaknesses, relational abilities and personal mental health profiles. These people are a benefit to society because they have taken the initiative to be aware of and care for their own mental health, thus taking the strain off other people to manage their mental health.

There are others who are oblivious to their mental health and have never given it a passing thought. Some people actually believe that psychology is a pseudoscience and there is nothing to understand about the life and health of the mind. These people believe that whatever behavior or emotion strikes them is fair game because there is nothing to understand about mental health. These people would benefit society greatly if they were to change their thinking and take responsibility for their own mental health. It is people like this who bring damage to interpersonal relationships and unhealthiness to collective thought. We need to impress upon everyone that mental health awareness and personal care are as optional as physical health awareness and personal care so that we can begin to speak the same language about how we are feeling.

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