When it comes to having a poor mental health or mental disorders, there is no sole cause; it is usually the unification of two or more factors. There is the environmental, biological and psychological factors.  

People who work in stressful places are likely to have a poor mental health than those who do not. And the worst part is, they are not aware of it because it looks normal to them.

The same applies to biological factors, they are not aware that it is present in their genes. This is why some of them would react adversely to stress and other mental health stimulants.

The changes in the chemistry of the brain are responsible for a poor mental health, and the only way to get a precise and accurate diagnosis of the specific mental health disorder, is to see a mental health professional.

People who have a poor mental health are likely to be in conflict with people around them. The reason for this is, they feel people do not understand and see eye-to-eye with them.

Hence, they would be easily stressed and frustrated. People like this would slip in and out of anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

The worst part is, they do not know what is plaguing them and some of them do not bother to know what is really wrong. Someone who has a poor mental health would most likely be addicted.

They are easily drawn to substances or activities that helps to distract them from their mental health problem.

So, if they see a worthy distraction, they would pay more attention to it. And this causes further conflict between them and their loved ones.

People who have a poor mental health are rarely happy and this is one of the reasons why they need a lot of help. It is advised they see mental health specialists that would help them uncover the root cause of their problem and assist them in living a better life.

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